Assam Year Book 2024 by Santanu Kaushik Baruah (Assamese)



Explore the depths of Assam with the “Assam Year Book 2024” by Santanu Kaushik Baruah, now in its Assamese edition and published by Jyoti Prakashan. This best-seller delves into Assam’s biodiversity, culture, history, and much more. It’s a vital companion for competitive exam aspirants, especially for those eyeing the Assam Civil Services Exam, providing comprehensive insights into Assam’s diverse aspects. Embrace this journey of discovery and connection with Assam’s rich heritage.

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Assam Year Book 2024 (Assamese) by Santanu Kaushik Baruah
Assam Year Book 2024 by Santanu Kaushik Baruah (Assamese) 550.00 519.00

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Assam Year Book 2024 by Santanu Kaushik Baruah (Assamese Edition)

Dive into the heart of Assam with the “Assam Year Book 2024,” edited and crafted by the acclaimed Santanu Kaushik Baruah, and published by Jyoti Prakashan. This Assamese edition, alongside its English counterpart, is celebrated as one of the best-selling books in Assam, offering an in-depth exploration of the state’s essence.

Santanu Kaushik Baruah’s expertise shines through every page, presenting an extensive compilation of topics that encapsulate Assam’s rich tapestry. The book discusses Assam’s basic information, biodiversity, customs, beliefs, architecture, scriptures, traditional music, painting, natural resources, agriculture, industry, irrigation, power, language, literature, historical revolutions and evolutions, performing arts, societal norms, festivals, celebrations, and the Assamese calendar, among others.

Tailored for competitive exam aspirants, particularly those preparing for the Assam Civil Services Exam, this book is a treasure trove of information and insights. It provides an unparalleled depth of knowledge about Assam’s cultural, ecological, and historical landscape, making it an indispensable resource for students and anyone interested in this fascinating state.

“Assam Year Book 2024” in Assamese is more than just an academic guide; it is a cultural odyssey into the soul of Assam. It invites readers to explore, understand, and appreciate the state’s unique legacy and contemporary progress. For those who prefer English, an English edition of the book is also accessible. Click here for the English Edition.

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  1. Manoj Sharma

    Best Assam Year Book. Packaging is good. Price is cheap in compare to Amazon.

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