Assam Year Book 2024 by UBP (English)

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Explore the unfolding events of Assam with the “Assam Year Book 2024,” expertly curated by Editor Chief Sekhar Bhattacharjee. Published in English by Union Book Publication, this guide covers all significant current affairs. Whether you are a student, professional, or an exam aspirant, this yearbook is your key to staying informed and engaged.

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Assam Year Book by UBP
Assam Year Book 2024 by UBP (English) 495.00 Original price was: ₹495.00.419.00Current price is: ₹419.00.

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Assam Year Book 2024 (English Edition) – Editor Chief: Sekhar Bhattacharjee

Stay ahead of the curve with the “Assam Year Book 2024,” the ultimate guide to current affairs. Edited by Sekhar Bhattacharjee, this English edition is published by Union Book Publication, providing a comprehensive and insightful overview of the significant events shaping Assam in 2024.

As Editor Chief, Sekhar Bhattacharjee brings his expertise to curate a compilation that goes beyond the headlines, delving into the nuances and implications of each development. This yearbook is more than a collection of facts; it is a meticulously crafted narrative that captures the pulse of Assam’s socio-economic and political landscape.

Covering a diverse range of topics, from regional affairs to global events, the “Assam Year Book 2024” serves as a go-to resource for students, professionals, and competitive exam aspirants. Its detailed content ensures that you are not just informed but also equipped with a deeper understanding of the events that have shaped the year.

For those who prefer reading in English, this edition caters to your language preference. Dive into the pages of the “Assam Year Book 2024” to gain valuable insights, strategic analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of the current affairs landscape.

Prepare for success and make informed decisions with the “Assam Year Book 2024.” It’s not just a book; it’s your gateway to staying well-informed in a rapidly evolving world.

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