The History of Assam by PN Dutta (English)



Explore Assam’s rich historical tapestry with “The History of Assam” by PN Dutta. This book is a key resource for understanding the historical dynamics of Assam, making it a valuable addition to the study collection of students, history enthusiasts, and competitive exam candidates.

The History of Assam by PN Dutta
The History of Assam by PN Dutta (English) 270.00 269.00

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The History of Assam by Late Promatha Nath Dutta (PN Dutta)

Dive deep into the annals of Assam’s past with “The History of Assam,” penned by the late Promatha Nath Dutta (PN Dutta) and published by Bina Library. This English edition presents a comprehensive and meticulously researched narrative of Assam’s history, covering its journey from ancient times through the medieval era and into the modern age.

Crafted with precision, “The History of Assam” is a monumental work that compiles significant historical incidents and events that have shaped the state. The book provides an exhaustive exploration of Assam’s rich past, offering insights into its diverse cultural, political, and social transformations over centuries. It stands as a testament to PN Dutta’s scholarly acumen and his profound understanding of Assam’s historical legacy.

In recent times, “The History of Assam” has gained immense popularity among competitive exam aspirants, especially those preparing for the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) and other state recruitment exams in Assam. Its detailed coverage of Assam’s history makes it an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the region’s past and its influence on the present. This book is not just an academic treasure but also a beacon for aspirants aiming to excel in competitive examinations in Assam.

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